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What is Annuity? Annuity Definition?

An annuity represents a simple promise. For the money you give us and the time we hold onto it, we’ll provide growth potential and, if you choose, an income stream for as long as you live. 


Think of it like longevity insurance. An annuity is an insurance contract after all. The money you give North American is called premium. The income we pay you back is guaranteed for life, and that’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

We sell a variety of fixed annuities

  • Multi-year guarantee annuities (MYGAs)

    Guarantee an interest rate and agree to the time we’ll hold your money when you open your contract.

  • Single premium immediate annuities (SPIAs)

    Maximize the income potential of a lump sum of money with a payout that’s set at the time you open your contract. 

  • Fixed index annuities (FIAs)

    Our most popular type of annuity (see more below), FIAs are versatile products able to help fit a wide variety of potential needs. 

What is Your Goal?

Many people will find their financial goals fall into one of the four categories below. Earlier in your career, you’re going to be looking for growth potential. Later, you’re likely in search of a retirement income stream or focusing on your legacy. Don’t worry if you’re finding your needs don’t fit neatly in a single category. Everyone’s situation is different. A financial professional can help you combine products for more complex needs and get you on your way to a happy retirement. 

Maximize growth potential, moderate risk

Start or continue building your assets for retirement. In terms of risk, fixed index annuities are in the lower range of the spectrum, providing potential interest credits and no risk of losses due to market downturns. Fixed index annuities come with upside potential through market index performance. Some products include an upfront premium bonus to give your retirement savings an immediate boost. 

Convert retirement savings into income stream 

Products with built-in or optional income riders could be for you. These build a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) value, or benefit base, that can be enhanced beyond your accumulation value. For some products, your GLWB value can grow by more than double the annual amount your accumulation value is credited. It’s important to note that GLWB value is not available as a lump sum, death benefit or as penalty free withdrawals. 

Establish a legacy for your Beneficiaries

Products in this category tend to look a lot like annuities designed for accumulation, but they have features built in to help after you’re gone. If you don’t end up needing to tap into the assets, products like these can help maximize the legacy you’re able to pass to your beneficiaries. 

Maintain access to your money

Most fixed annuities offer an annual penalty-free withdrawal amount, typically a percentage of your accumulation value that you can take out without incurring a surrender charge. Products in this category enhance the penalty-free withdrawal amount available for additional liquidity. Others have specific features which trigger even more generous liquidity options if certain conditions are met, like an extended nursing home stay or the loss of ability to complete certain activities of daily living. One product allows you a one-time enhanced withdrawal that you can take for any reason. 

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